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With us you can easily and quickly get tested for Covid – 19. Whether you have symptoms, need a travel certificate or the official Covid – Certificate.


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Antigen Schnelltest (Nasen-Rachen-Abstrich)

(The test result together with the Covid certificate usually takes about 30 minutes).

Travel certificates provided in German and English.
The costs for all Antigen – Rapid Tests are covered by the BAG / health insurance.

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PCR - Test

(Test result usually within 18-36 hours).

Free of charge if symptoms indicate Covid-19, if reported to the SwissCovid app or if ordered by authorities/doctor. (Without certificate)

Price: 119.00 SFr. (for travel or test at own request with certificate).

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Blueicareus – Travel service (Fast Lane)

Fly wherever you want – We will tell you which “formalities” have to be completed for your destination country and can also carry out a test directly with us if required.

Travel stress-free – anywhere and anytime

Price: 35.- SFr

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What you need to bring to the test

Antigen – Rapid Test &
PCR – Test

1. Your identification (ID or passport)
2. Insurance card

Blueicareus – Travel service
(Fast Lane)

1. Registration confirmation incl. QR code from Blueicareus.
2. The identification document used for the trip
(passport / ID)
3. Health insurance card
4. Cell phone

The travel service validation can only be done if you have received a validation link from your airline. You will usually receive the Fast Lane Ticket as soon as your data is complete and you meet the requirements of your travel destination.


In order to perform the test on your selected date, you must follow these steps:


Book an appointment on this website.


Bring your health insurance card and ID or passport with you to the appointment.

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Langstrasse 113, 8004 Zürich



New regulations from the 06.04.2022

Costs of the Antigen - Rapid Test for a Covid-Certificate (result in 30 to 60 minutes)

Test costs for certificate are covered by the BAG / health insurance 

The Federal Council has decided that the future costs of certain Covid-19 tests leading to a Covid-Certificate will again be covered. Antigen - Rapid Tests and PCR-Pool-Tests will be paid for. Self-Tests and travel PCR - Tests and Antigen-Tests will not be covered. The costs of individual PCR - Tests in persons with symptoms of disease, in contact persons and after positive pool samples will continue to be covered. The new test cost system is effective since Saturday, the 18.12.2021.

Up to the age of 18, tests can only be performed under the supervision of a guardian.

PCR-Test cost (Result in 18-36h) 

The federal government covers the costs of individual PCR tests in the following cases (test result without Covid certificate):

  • You are getting tested due to symptoms.
  • You have received a notification from the SwissCovid app.
  • You have received an instruction from a cantonal office or a doctor to be tested.

The federal government will not cover the cost of PCR testing in the following cases:

  • PCR-travel-test (119.- SFr.), result available in 18-36h
How is the Antigen - Rapid Test performed?

Test is done by nasopharyngeal swab (nasopharyngeal method) as recommended by the BAG.

How is the PCR-Test performed?

Our PCR tests are performed by our health professionals, according to the BAG recommendation using the nasopharyngeal swab (nasopharyngeal method). 

We also offer the saliva test for children and adults who can‘t have the test done using the nasopharyngeal method.

Validity of the Covid-Certificate

The validity period of the Covid certificate differs depending on the type of test used to document a negative test result . Due to new scientific findings, the validity period may be adjusted.

Important: The information listed below is valid in Switzerland. Other countries may specify different validity periods.

  • PCR test: 72 hours from time of sample collection (Travel PCR only).
  • Antigen rapid test: 24 hours from time of sample collection.

The certificate shows the surname, first name, passport number date of birth.


Information on BAG

The Swiss Covid certificate is recognized by the EU/EFTA countries. It can therefore be used in the entire EU/EFTA area.
However, a Covid certificate that is valid in Switzerland does not guarantee entry into other countries. Each country determines its own entry rules and has the sovereignty to adapt them continuously depending on the development of the epidemiological situation.
Accordingly, as before, it is possible that certain countries have stricter entry rules than Switzerland. Therefore, always check the official website of the destination country for on entry requirements before traveling .

When should you go to the test center?
  • If you have mild symptoms of an acute respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, with or without fever, feeling feverish, muscle aches) and/or a sudden loss of sense of smell and/or taste
  • If your employer sends you for a test
  • If you want a test for personal reasons
  • If the SwissCovid Infoline (app) recommends a test
  • If the cantonal doctor recommends a test
I need the test for a trip, when should I come?

Here you can find all information about the Topic Travel abroad

The test result of your antigen rapid test will be available within 15 - 45 minutes, whereas your PCR test result can take somewhere between 18 - 36 hours.

The test result of your PCR travel test will be available on the following day after the test. It can arrive either at midday or afternoon, depending on the time of your sample collection. If you need a PCR test for travelling, we recommend doing the test 48h before travel. (The test is valid for 72h from sample collection).

The Covid certificate is issued in English & German. (French or Italian are also available)

The PCR Travel test comes with a cost of 119.- CHF, payments are accepted both, by card and in cash.

Are there waiting times?

Please book an appointment online for a Corona test.

We cannot guarantee you a test without a booked appointment. Even if you do not have a health insurance card and cannot show the card number, no appointment is guaranteed.

Nevertheless, we kindly apologize for any possible delays and thank you for your understanding for any waiting times.

How much does the test cost and who pays for it?

The cost for all Antigen - Rapid Tests is covered by the BAG / health insurance. 

The PCR Test is only free if symptoms indicate Covid-19, when reported through the SwissCovid app, or when ordered by authorities/medical practitioners. 

The PCR Travel test costs 119.- CHF.

What you need to bring to the test

    • Your identification (ID or passport)
    • Insurance card (807 number)


You can pay for your test by card (without postcard/twint) or in cash.

Can tourists or people who are not resident in Switzerland also take the test?


  • The cost for all antigen rapid tests as well as the cost for symptomatic PCR tests is covered by the BAG.
How and when will I receive the test result?

You will usually receive the result by email after 15 - 45 minutes (Antigen test). You can also have the COVID Certificate App ready at the reception and receive the certificate directly on the App via transfer code.

If a PCR test is necessary in your case, you will usually receive the result within 18 to 36 hours by unencrypted email in German and English. (French or Italian also possible)

If you need a PCR test for travelling, we recommend doing the test 48h before travel. (The test is valid for 72h from the day after the sample was taken).

The Covid certificate is issued in German & English in both cases. (Even in French or Italian )

Is the Covid certificate also issued in English?

The Covid-Certificate is issued in English & German.

Upon request, the certificates can also be issued in French or Italian.

How should I isolate myself at home after the test?

After you have received a positive test result, you must immediately isolate yourself at home. Follow the BAG leaflet "Instructions for isolation", see Link

Do I have to wear a protective mask?

You must wear a protective mask in the test center. Wear a protective mask already on the way in the test center.

SwissCovid App

To prevent unnecessary warning messages, we recommend that you switch off the SwissCovid App when you enter the test center.

You are protected against infection in the test center by the protective measures in place.

Does Covid 19 vaccination affect the test result?

No, since it is an mRNA vaccine, the test result should not be falsified by the vaccination.

The mRNA vaccines contain mRNA, which gives the order in the body's cells to replicate the conspicuous outer part of the coronavirus: the so-called "spike protein". However, neither the PCR test nor the rapid antigen tests test for the spike protein.

What if I cannot come after booking an appointment?

Booked appointments can easily be cancelled on site or via

Can children under the age of 12 also be tested?

We can perform our Covid-19 testing on children as young as 6 years old.